Robust & Reliable

We only install systems that are built to last and have multiple deployments that are still running after 25 years. Hardware permitting, we still support these systems to this day. This is why over 100 districts and agencies have chosen us as their controls and automation partner.

Unlimited Support

Choosing a partner can be intimidating. With CIC, we offer unlimited support to all of our clients via call, text, email, or on-site and face to face visits. Additionally, after-hours support comes included, because no matter what time or day, we know your customers depend on you. That’s why you can depend on Concepts in Controls, Inc.

Maintenance & Training

What good is a system that can’t be maintained? Alongside 24/7/365 support from CIC, we can also aid, educate, and train your staff on proper system maintenance procedures, ensuring your investment continues returning far into the future.

Technical Support