Concepts in Controls, Inc. specialized in the development and implementation of Industrial Control, Supervisory Control, Data Acquisition, Measurement & Data Collection systems.

Irrigation and Reclamation Industry

Irrigation & Reclamation

We understand and specialize in the unique challenges facing today’s irrigation, reclamation, and conservation districts. Large and geographically dispersed assets can make for a difficult operating environment. Our engineers and technicians are here to help.

Waste Water Industry Solutions

Water & Wastewater

No matter how big or small your operation may be, our practical approach to water/wastewater engineering and integration will provide you with an effective solution that will withstand the test of time. Get your system online, secure, and under control.

Oil and Gas Industry Solutions

Oil & Gas

Modern day petroleum companies focused on upstream and midstream operations are constantly challenged to come up with better ways of getting their product to market. We can help reduce costs and increase efficiency, whether that’s at the wellhead or in the pipeline.

Farm and Dairy industry

Farm & Dairy

We offer remote management and control for your farm, ranch, or dairy’s wells, pumps, reservoirs and valves, letting you produce more while efficiently using your water supply. Save time, money, and water with an automated irrigation system.

Environmental and Conservation industry Solutions

Environmental & Conservation

Groundwater sustainability agencies, water quality managers, conservation districts and all those alike have come to depend on CIC’s continued service and support. Continuous groundwater monitoring networks, river and flood flow monitoring, and weather stations are some of the ways we can help.

Power Utilities Industry Solutions

Power Utilities

Electric utility providers face a host of challenges but still need to reliably deliver power to their customers. Substation automation and electrical grid monitoring and management are some of the ways CIC can help you get the job done.

Wind and Solar Industry Solutions

Wind & Solar

New and existing solar and wind farms gain benefits through real-time power monitoring and control. Control to the market demands by only delivering power when needed. Centralize all of your assets into an easy to manage SCADA system.

Processing and Packaging Industry

Processing & Packaging

We additionally offer services to clients such as packing houses, processing plants, hullers, dehydrators, and wineries. Our team of engineers and integrators can help you monitor or control all aspects of your plant. With free consultations, we’d be happy to come see how we can help.